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Testimonies of the Royal Jelly users

April 21, 2010

1st Testimony   (By MR. Lim Kok Hua)

My colleague who suffered sore throat has lost her voice. she also coughing badly. These sickness went on for a week. In the office, there was a bottle of Royal Jelly which I brought there since January 2010. It is the ”  TUALANG  ” Royal Jelly.

My colleague, without my prior knowledge had taken a spoon of the honey. The next day, she came to office as though as she was miraculously healed by God. She talked with a clear voice and also did not cough anymore.

On the 3rd day, she confessed that she had taken my honey without my prior knowledge.


2nd Testimony

My same colleague who has healed of sore throat and cough has a son aged of 3 years old. Her little boy suffered same cough and vomit frequently at night, he suffered due to his mother’s cpugh had spread to him.

This happened after the mother has recovered from coughs and sore throat. Finally, the mother asked for my permission to take the bottle of honey back home and feed her 3 years old son.

The little boy took just one sip of the ” Tualang ” Royal Jelly and did not suffer anymore coughs or vomits. The mother was over with joy and related this matter to me. She said that her little boy slept soundly the 1st day she brought the honey back home and fed her son.

The boy’s sickness of coughing and vomiting never come back again. Praise the LORD for the Royal Jelly. IT can coat your throat and you will be healed.


3rd Testimony ( By Mr Lim Kok Hua)

I myself also suffered from coughs. I contracted coughs due to blowing the cool air at full blast at my face and also switched on the fan at full blast at night while I slept.

Then I listened to an old man’s advice : drink hot ginger juice and the cough will go away. I tried but it did not work on me.

Finally, I also decided to take a sip of Royal Jelly from ” Tualang” and my cough was gone too.



Note : If you in need to order bottles of Jungle Royal honey (for those staying in Malaysia) , kindly contact me or Living Hope Resources by email : or or simply reply to this blog.

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