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Royal jelly effected on cancer cells (I)

April 10, 2010

Japanese researchers gave royal jelly to laboratory mice before transplanting different types of cancer cells in them … And the result of this experiment was outrageous. Royal jelly effected on cancer cells. The life of the mouse prolonged for a fifth, tumor cells disintegrated and tumors were about half the size, compared to the average untreated mouse.

Although many human tests should be conducted, this interesting facts are a trigger for many cancer patients to try on Apitherapy with bee poison and Royal Jelly treatment ..

Another interesting statistic comes from Bulgaria. An interesting survey compared a population of beekeepers with everyone else. They found out that among beekeepers there is for as much as 20 % less cancer deaths in comparison to normal population. The survey concludes the reason lies in the fact that beekeepers live in peace with nature and consume more honey, pollen, royal jelly and well … They get a lot of bee poison in their blood.

Royal Jelly has also been found to be a great fighter against the chemo and radio-therapy side effects. Royal Jelly’s Amino acids can help recover the immune system and provide a defense against the attacking microbes. Royal Jelly rebuilds the good cells that are destroyed by the therapy.

Though many more serious research is needed to really ensure cancer fighting capabilities, experience and common knowledge proves royal jelly sure is multifunctional and very beneficial.

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